Sobhan Dutta | UNITED STATES

The power and beauty of Dutta's technique is in his use of color and texture to give volume to the figures, the fluidity of lines and strokes to depict sensuality of the forms, and his ability to internalize experience and express it in a style that ..

Untitled IAcrylic on Canvas92X92 cmNot for sell

Disposable I by Sobhan Dutta, Mix Media on Board
Disposable I
Mix Media on Board
92X92 cm
Not for sell
Impression I by Sobhan Dutta, Mixed Media on Board
Impression I
Mixed Media on Board
92X92 cm
Impression II by Sobhan Dutta, Acrylic on Canvas
Impression II
Acrylic on Canvas
76X102 cm
Not for sell
Untitled II by Sobhan Dutta, Acrylic on Board
Untitled II
Acrylic on Board
50X60 cm
Not for sell