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The Baroque Era, Europe, 17th Century By Huan Chiu,

Baroque Art developed in Europe around 1600, as an reaction against the intricate and formulaic Mannerism that dominated the Late Renaissance. Baroque art is less complex, more realistic and more emotionally affecting than Mannerist art.

This movement was encouraged by the Catholic Church, the most important patron of the arts at that time, being seen as a return to tradition and spirituality.

One of the great periods of art history, Baroque Art was developed by
Caravaggio,Gianlorenzo Bernini and Annibale Carracci, among others. This was also the age of Rubens, Rembrandt, Vermeer and Velázquez.

In the 18th century, Baroque Art was replaced by the more elegant and elaborate Rococo art style.

Mannerism, the artistic style which gained popularity in the period following the High Renaissance, takes as its ideals the work of Raphael and Michelangelo Buonarroti. It is considered to be a period of technical accomplishment but also of formulaic, theatrical and overly stylized work.

Mannerist Art is characterized by a complex composition, with muscular and elongated figures in complex poses. Discussing Michelangelo in his journal, Eugène Delacroix gives as good a description as any of the limitations of Mannerism:

"[A]ll that he has painted is muscles and poses, in which even science, contrary to general opinion, is by no means the dominant factor... He did not know a single one of the feelings of man, not one of his passions. When he was making an arm or a leg, it seems as if he were thinking only of that arm or leg and was not giving the slightest consideration to the way it relates with the action of the figure to which it belongs, much less to the action of the picture as a whole... Therein lies his great merit; he brings a sense of the grand and the terrible into even an isolated limb."

Artists from Baroque Era are.
[Italian Baroque Era Painter, ca.1571-1610]
Gianlorenzo Bernini
[Italian Baroque Era Sculptor and Painter, 1598-1680]
Jan Vermeer
[Dutch Baroque Era Painter, 1632-1675]
Peter Paul Rubens
[Flemish Baroque Era Painter, 1577-1640]
Rembrandt van Rijn
[Dutch Baroque Era Painter and Engraver, 1606-1669]
Annibale Carracci
[Italian Baroque Era Painter, 1560-1609]
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