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Future of Painting in Pakistan, By Sehrish chauhdary, Artist and an art teacher

Pakistan is one of those undeveloped counties who are facing problems of lacking basic necessasities like education, food, health facilities and many more so the question that arises that how we think about art in Pakistan. Well first of all I would like to clear the concept of art; art is a way of self expression that can be in any medium. It can be in form of music, performing arts, poetry and painting is one of them. Painting is not just a decoration peace in order to decorate wall infect it is a medium of expression in which artist being a keen observer of society express himself. Through forms and colors he expresses the negative and positive attitudes of society.

Painting is a medium in which artist argues with the help of colors and form. Painting always takes importance for viewer because of its topic. Being an underdeveloped country our society is full of topics. Western world are lack of topics because of their easy luxurious life. Great art never comes from easiness itís always come from passion and specific psychological condition of the artist weather itís restless, agony, pain, or in happiness. Purpose of painting is to express the idea that is in the mind of an artist to express the true emotions.

Development in information technology is also effecting on contemporary art. There was a time when traditional artist use paints, brushes, canvases as a tool of painting but now we find Paint and Brush, Coral Draw, Adobe Photoshop and Dream Weaver as a range of colorful software that has assisted designers, photographers and artists to groping the real meaning out and engrave the real shape and color they want to demonstrate. Moreover Video Installations and Multimedia freedom has enabled an artist to speak out at the highest volume with all the strength and energy, but at the same time this practice has stolen the brush and palette from artistís hand and the canvas that was a companion in dark solitude during the excruciating moments of creativity. That tradition of solid feelings also vanished behind the electronic picture- tubes and plasma-screens.

But the point is that what ever medium artist is using in order to create painting it should be result of same psychological labor or distress that was in ancient era. It should give the same psychological relaxation as a traditional painter gets while using traditional tools. If an artist is comfortable in its expression than does not matter weather its click of mouse left right or stroke of traditional brush. Today with all electronic assistance modern artist is in restless soul because he lost his individuality due to the electronic media. He is not fully successful in expressing himself infect he is lost some where in realm of digital art.
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