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Future of Painting in Pakistan By Sehrish chauhdary,
Pakistan is one of those undeveloped counties who are facing problems of lacking basic necessasities like education, food, health facilities and many more so the question that arises that how we think about art in Pakistan.

The Baroque Era By Huan Chiu,
Baroque Art developed in Europe around 1600, as an reaction against the intricate and formulaic Mannerism that dominated the Late Renaissance. Baroque art is less complex, more realistic and more emotionally affecting than Mannerist art.

Folk art from Japan Yoon, Ji-Sook,
HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED what future generations will consider the best of today’s popular culture? Edo period pop art and illustrations in Japan might provide a few hints.

Maithili Painting(Madhubani) Rita Votra,
Maithili Painting, One of the India's most popular folk art is only practiced in a village call Madhuban. Hundred of years woman are paintingin the believe of religion and social life.

Kalighat art Rita Votra,
Kalighat Paintings are a group of paintings, which have their roots in cultural upheavals of 19th century colonial Bengal. Their name comes from the place where the artists originally set up their practice - around the Kalighat temple in Calcutta. Their medium was watercolour on mill-made paper and they were primarily created by the scroll painters-cum-potters who migrated from rural Bengal to the city of Calcutta in the nineteenth century. These paintings have been appreciated as well as neglected over a period of time, their fate being dictated for a greater part of time by popular sentiment rather than their artistic value.

Mughal art Aparna Sud,
Mughal painting is a particular style of Indian painting, generally confined to illustrations on the book and done in miniatures, and which emerged, developed and took shape during the period of the Mughal Empire 16th -19th centuries

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