Rajarshi Smart | INDIA

My work is a passage between many realities or to say between possibilities of many realities. What we perceive becomes our reality and what we wish to perceive or actualize is another possible reality; and that which we miss to perceive is altogethe..

LAILA by Rajarshi Smart, mix media on paper-mashe
LAILAmix media on paper-masheNot for sell
GANG by Rajarshi Smart, etching on fabriano-paper
GANGetching on fabriano-paperNot for sell
"PADUKA"etching on fabriano-paperNot for sell
untitled by Rajarshi Smart, woodcut & screen on fabriano-paper
untitledwoodcut & screen on fabriano-paper$1000
"U turn"woodcut on fabriano-paper$500
"Relaxation"woodcut on fabriano-paper$500
"sala ek machchcar"woodcut on fabriano-paperNot for sell
" Rickshaw number nou do gyarah"$500
"Ignored once"woodcut on fabriano-paper$150
laila 2 by Rajarshi Smart, mix media on paper-mashe
laila 2mix media on paper-masheNot for sell


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