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I am known as Purest of Form. I am Champion, Triumphant, mission is to bring creativity and beauty to the world. My heart is a cauldron of fire, my veins race as lighting, my mind is bustling with energy. Passion, Power, and Perpetuity!..

The Eyes of Yen by Shellton Tremble, Pastel on Pressed Board
The Eyes of YenPastel on Pressed Board44X64 cm $350
Theatric Swirl by Shellton Tremble, Acrylic on Canvas
Theatric SwirlAcrylic on Canvas762X101 cm $500
Music Reigns by Shellton Tremble, Acrylic on Canvas
Music ReignsAcrylic on Canvas30X30 cm $350
Model of Mystique 4 by Shellton Tremble, Acrylic & Sand on Canvas
Model of Mystique 4Acrylic & Sand on Canvas24X36 cm $400
Masquerade F by Shellton Tremble, Acrylic on Illustration Board
Masquerade FAcrylic on Illustration Board24X30 cm $300
Model of Mystique 1 by Shellton Tremble, Mix Media on Canvas
Model of Mystique 1Mix Media on Canvas61X91 cm $400
Peacock Abstract by Shellton Tremble, Mix Media on Canvas
Peacock AbstractMix Media on Canvas91X62 cm $400
Egyptian in Vogue - Cleopatra by Shellton Tremble, Mix Media on Canvas
Egyptian in Vogue - CleopatraMix Media on Canvas56X76 cm $350
Games People Play by Shellton Tremble, Acrylic on Canvas
Games People PlayAcrylic on Canvas61X91 cm $450
Metallic Works by Shellton Tremble, Acrylic and Ink on canvas
Metallic WorksAcrylic and Ink on canvas762X101 cm $500
The Cut Advanced by Shellton Tremble, Acrylic on Canvas
The Cut AdvancedAcrylic on Canvas91X122 cm $600
Model of Mystique 6 by Shellton Tremble, Acrylic and sand on canvas
Model of Mystique 6Acrylic and sand on canvas61X91 cm $425


I was born in Statesboro, GA. I've lived mostly in the Southeast, including Florida and South Carolina. I matriculated in the early years in Georgia and completed my Bachelor of Science degrees at SC State University. While attending college, I earned two diplomas, one concentrating in Marketing and the other concentrating in Fashion Merchandising, while undertaking several art classes. Later when I moved to Atlanta, GA, I completed my Associates of Arts Degree in Fashion Design at Bauder College. There I read, researched and proposed doing more in the field of Fine Art.....As a small child I remember questioning my mother on why I could not draw like my brother (or paint as she did), so she said to me, "You won't know until you try." From there my interest sparked, my skills blossomed, and exploration began.   Secondly, though I have taken some Art classes, I would consider myself self-taught. The natural world and surreal imagery, colors, forms and beauty captivate me. I believe that any object or subject can be applied to a surface and used to convey thoughts and imagination. I strongly believe in all types of mediums and experimentation is one of my key strengths. I love to add texture and depth. I try to provoke deep emotions and moods in my work. Abstract, Surrealism and Expressionism are my main modes of creativity, but not exclusively. I consider art as universal, so I create with the cosmos in mind. I am very keen when it comes to tantalizing and innovative concepts. I want the world and my touch of human ingenuity to portray an unbound and flowing energy in all of us. I have belonged to several art associations and communities, such as, Atlanta Artists Center – Atlanta, GA, ARTopia – Atlanta, GA, South Cobb Arts Alliance – Marietta, GA, ArtsExchange – Atlanta, GA, Contemporary Gallery of Atlanta,,,, and I have exhibited my work in the Atlanta Jazz Festival, Juneteenth Festival (Gainesville, FL), NBAF Festival, etc., different venues and an assortment of emerging artist gatherings. I have instructed Art and Design at Bauder College, Atlanta, GA. I desire to eventually get my work published and into high end galleries.

What is ART to Shellton LaBron Tremble? What defines the meaning of creativity? It's POWER. It's PASSION. It's PERPETUITY. I try to merge spiritual thoughts with tangible mediums. ART to me is as infinite as the mind of a youthful toddler. It can be everyday objects or impossible realities... .....ART IS IN ITSELF, A REALITY.


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