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bCA Galleries focuses on emerging Indian contemporary art by promoting upcoming artists and trends internationally. In addition bCA promotes established international artists in India. We are looking for like-minded partner galleries globally, who share our vision and would like to join us in this venture.
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The latest exhibition which bCA has been a part of is "Parenthesis", Karachi, Pakistan of 6 Indian Artists-

Arpita Khaskel, Dhirendra Mandge, HR Das, Rina Mustafi, Sachin Shinde and Tarun Ghosh which has been a success.

bCA Galleries has been instrumental in organizing:

* Namaste India, exhibiting the works of 50 Indian artists in different locations in Italy.

* These artists have been well received and of them four were selected to show in another exhibition titled “Arambh” in Italy.

* bCA Galleries is actively promoting artist Jivya Soma Mashe who is the pioneer of Warli tribal art in India.

Prominent Italian artists have had showings in India through the aegis of bCA Galleries:

* Artists Azelio Corni and Pino Ceriotti have had two shows in India, which have been very well received.

* The works of three promising Italian artists: Bruno di Lecce, Pino Oliva, and Silvia Serenari were shown in an exhibition - Spirted Cites and City Spirits.

* bCA Galleries presented to Mumbai one of the leading artists of Italy, Lucia Pescador, which had an overwhelming response from the press and the art fraternity alike who were amazed by her style and renditions.

* An exhibition of the works of Michele Lombardelli, offered some insightful and powerful artworks to the Mumbai art world.

* Harmony in Art exhibition was a group show of Italian artists organised with the collaboration of the Italian and Czech Consulates in Mumbai.

*Our exhibitions are organized in conjunction with prestigious art galleries in Italy including the famous Lattuada Studios and the Marella Gallery.


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